WARNING: This is NOT the famous Einstein@Home BOINC project.

WARNING: This is NOT the famous Einstein@Home BOINC project.

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Here we go again: Drupal migration now scheduled for July 28th
Hi everyone,

After ironing out all kinks caused by the server code upgrade aftermath, we think that we're now finally in a position to migrate our website (albert) to Drupal. The original announcement can be found in this thread (it's still applicable).

22 Jul 2014, 9:44:36 UTC · Comment

Web code updated
We just updated the standard BOINC web code to (more or less) the latest version. This update was part of the general server code update we ran over the past days and is a prerequisite to go ahead with the Drupal migration.

The update went fairly well so far but we still need to verify that everything still works. So be prepared to hit a few bumps in the road over the next days...

12 Jun 2014, 14:08:01 UTC · Comment

Server code upgrade aftermath: need to postpone Drupal migration
Hi guys,

Last week we announced that we need to conduct the general server code upgrade before we can begin with the Drupal migration. As you might have read, we finally managed to upgrade the BOINC server code this week. However, it turned out that we were able to migrate the daemon- and database-related parts "only" so far. We didn't yet manage to upgrade the web code as this turned out to be much more complex than anticipated because, over the years, our codebase diverged significantly from upstream. That means we need to reassess the situation in a very detailed analysis. We might use this opportunity to reconsolidate our separate web code repository with the original upstream repo to facilitate coherent updates in the future.

All this means that we have to postpone the Drupal migration until we merged/upgraded the BOINC web code as well. You might think: "why do you have to update the BOINC web code when you plan to move to Drupal anyway?" Well, the BOINC web code comprises more than just the web front-end (eg. client RPC APIs) and Drupal still depends on a few of those features.

Sorry for the bad news. We're eager to get Drupal deployed but we need to have a stable foundation in terms of the regular BOINC server infrastructure first of all.

6 Jun 2014, 13:22:00 UTC · Comment

Project server code update
The project will be taken down in about an hour to perform an update of the BOINC server code. Ideally you shouldn't notice anything, but usually the world isn't ideal. See you again on the other side. 2 Jun 2014, 8:59:18 UTC · Comment

Drupal migration postponed to June 10th
Hi everyone,

You probably noticed it already: nothing happened :-) We found to issue in our preferences handling code that we wanted to resolve before we make the move. However, we're also working on a major update of the entire BOINC server codebase (planned for next week) which is why we decided to postpone the migration to the week of June 10th. Hopefully the server upgrade doesn't break anything concerning Drupal...

So, expect several downtimes over the next two weeks!

28 May 2014, 11:10:09 UTC · Comment

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